The Scariest Ideas in Science

It Came from the Lab

Popular Science article: The Scariest Ideas in Science by Laura Allen. Undead viruses! Killer foxes! Soldiers who never sleep! This is no horror movie – it’s today’s scientists at their most daring

Maybe we saw The Andromeda Strain a few too many times in our formative years, but we can’t help shivering when we hear about microbiologists reanimating long-dormant lethal viruses. And those biologists working to make human limbs grow back: Haven’t we seen that film? Don’t the guys in lab coats all die in the first reel? They may sound cinematic, but the incredible research projects on the following pages are not imaginary. They’re real, funded ventures by respected scientists. They have perfectly rational goals. They also happen to creep us out.

The amusing text lists 6 scariest ideas: Reanimated Infection, The 22-Hour Workday, Merciless Robot Soldiers, Planetary Solar Shield, The Ultimate Vicious Carnivore and Grow New Appendages. Good article with great illustrations inspired in vintage horror and sci-fi B-films, created by Michael Koelsch.

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