The Original Black Cat Covers

The Original Black Cat - From Perils of Linda Turner

I don’t remember when datajunkie posted for the first time about The Black Cat, but I’m glad that he re-post several covers of this comic book, strips and illustrations of her tricks in The Original Black Cat.

She has a red hair, she’s clever and uses a blue costume. What can I say? I loved her style, excluding the boots, of course. The Black Cat was one of the first female characters to wear what amounts to a bathing suit while doing superhero work.She first appeared in August 1941 in Pocket Comics #1 in a story drawn and written by Al Gabriele, published by Harvey Comics.

The Black Cat was Hollywood starlet Linda Turner, whose first adventure began when she suspected her director of being a Nazi spy. Trained as a stunt woman, she was an expert on Judo, motorcycle riding, lariat throwing, and other physical skills costumed crime fighters find handy; and her father, an amateur detective, had taught her the necessary mental skills. Knowing her superstitious quarry had a “thing” about black cats, she used that as a theme for her disguise. After smashing his spy ring, she combatted boredom with her glamorous but empty lifestyle by continuing to fight crime as The Black Cat.

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