The Hammer Collection De Daniel Frenette

Le Baiser Du Vampire
The Hammer Collection De Daniel Frenette, aka “La Passion De La Hammer Films”, is a homage of Daniel Frenette to the Hammer Film Productions. The site tells the story of the Hammer films and the companies that bet in the horror genre before it, the Universal and the American International Pictures. It also presents short biographies of important actors and directors that worked at Hammer, has information, covers and critics about the DVDs, the filmography, interviews, events and forums. Everything in French.
But don’t worry if you French isn’t so good to read. You don’t need to speak any word in French to explore the Cinema Posters collection. with French and American posters, press-books, vintage ads and lobby cards of The Curse of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Created Woman, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed and One Million Years B.C. among others. (via IWR)
More Hammer:Australian Hammer Posters

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