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Red Panda
A while ago I discovered that the cute mascot of Mozilla Firefox isn’t a fox, but an adorable Red Panda. “The Red Panda, Ailurus fulgens, also known as the Lesser Panda, Bear Cat or Fire Fox, is a mostly herbivorous mammal, slightly larger than a domestic cat (55 cm long).” All this because my boyfriend sent me a link to this gallery with 50 photos of Red Pandas, collected by Skatje.
There are many other pictures of this super cute animal at Flickr. And why not some videos? ARKive has a collection of 17 videos by BBC Natural History Unit and 8 pictures. Animal Fact Sheets, from the Woodland Park Zoo, has a little more information about it and a very short video.
The sad part is the red part is an endangered species. But there are many ways to help to stop this. The Red Panda Project is committed to protecting the red panda and preserving its habitat through the empowerment of local communities by adaptive community-based research, education, and sustainable development. You can be avolunteer, became a member, spread the word or adopt a Red Panda.
The Red Panda Project - Conservation in Action

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