Private Life of a Cat

As a good cat lover and a person that shares an apartment with three cats, I have to make a contribution to Friday Cat Blogging. But don’t worry. I won’t post any pictures of my cats (Melanie, Rousseau and Truffaut), not today. My contribution is The Private Life of a Cat, a short documentary directed by Alexander Hammid and Maya Deren in 1944.
The silent film is an intimate study of a female cat and the birth and maturation of her five kittens. I found this “little” masterpiece available at Internet Archive while I was searching for Deren’s works. It’s a bit different of her other visual experiments, but it keeps her touch. You can watch it at Google Video too (22 minutes)

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5 Responses to Private Life of a Cat

  1. lotusgreen says:

    i love this so much. i happened across it at the archive one day. thanks for posting, and thanks for putting the images back on your feed

  2. Bibi says:

    Back? do they disappeared after you start to subscribe it with Google reader?

  3. lotusgreen says:

    we emailed. i said i wished they were available, and you said you had turned them off on purpose, but then you turned them back on? well maybe i thanked you before but thank you again ;^)

  4. Bibi says:

    Ah… but they were never available to Google reader before. I ask to my “webmaster” to let show the images in some readers.

  5. lotusgreen says:

    well, we are all richer for having them turned on!

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