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Hotel For Women (1939)
From time to time Rashomon posts links to cinema posters sites. I save them and forgot to post after. Not it’s time to post some of those cool stuff that he finds.
1920’s 1930’s Horror Sci-fi Lobby Cards is just a small part of the site, which contains a huge collection of reproductions of movie posters and lobby cards of vintage films. The bad part: there are just small images available. Take a look at the Serial Lobby Card Reproductions page too.
Exploitation Poster Art: This site is dedicated to the art of Exploitation film posters. It accompanies the release of Exploitation Poster Art in October 2005 by Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh (Aurum Press). If you enjoying the pictures, buy the book: I have two of this collection of poster art and they are great.
Film Memorabilia: Lobby Cards – Mexico. All of the pieces in this section are original theatrical Mexican lobby cards. Three pages with several images and some information about them.
Hand Painted Horror Movie Posters of India & Pakistan: 25 precious images. I don’t know what is more scary: the horror movies by themselves or those posters. Follow the links and take a look at the Bollywood Vintage Posters (Pre 1960’s) too.
The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch: Poster Gallery. Few images but with a good resolution. Enjoy and explore other pages of site: biography, links, filmography, timeline and potpouri.
Cluny Brown (1946) - Spanish Poster

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