Mosaic with Book Covers

Mosaic Bibi's box
At first sight, the image above looks like just the logo of this blog with a strange resolution. Now look again in a higher resolution? Can you see it? Yes! Books! It’s a mosaic made with covers of my books at LibraryThing, using AndreaMosaic and a tutorial created by author David Louis Edelman.
The inspiration came from this post: You are what you read, from the LibraryThing blog. I played making mosaics with two pictures and the logo, trying to use different covers to construct the image. If you have a library at LibraryThing it is easy:
– Go to the all your covers, at LibraryThing and choose “save page as” with Firefox.
– Download the AndreaMosaic and install it: it’s free but you can make a donation if you like it.
– Open the directory created with your books covers and delete all the archives that aren’t “jpg” and the images that aren’t covers (I think there were only two in my case). It isn’t necessary, but might help.
– Open AndreaMosaic software, click at “Find Tiles”, click at “Create Collection” and select the book covers directory and choose a name to save it, for instance, “books.amc”
– Click at “Load Collection” and select the collection you just created, (“books.amc” in my example). Confirm and close this window.
– Go to the “Step 3” of the software and select the image you want to transform into a mosaic (I selected the logo image)
– After that step you are ready to “Create the Mosaics”, or you can change the configuration of “Step 2”. For the portraits I chose 40 tiles, and, for the logo above, 60. Higher values give “better” results for the mosaic, but they also use more CPU and space.
– Wait for it to complete, and check the directory you’d chosen and find your mosaic ready! If you have any doubts, check the links, they probably have better explanations than this one.
And if you don’t have any collection, but want to make a mosaic, create a directory with the images you want to use and follow the same steps.
Bibi with books

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