Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment and Design

Leonardo da Vinci - Planned Church

Last year, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London presented the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Experience, Experiment and Design. This exhibition is now closed, says the exhibition main page. However, some very interesting parts of it still on-line: exhibition themes, timeline of Leonardo’s life, Canal Challenge – a game, forster codices, Leonardo’s Notebooks and, the best part, animated illustrations.

The animations have been made using various techniques: a combination of traditional drawn animations and computer-generated animations. The biggest task was to bring those two together, and try as far as possible to emulate the drawings in Leonardo’s sketchbooks.

BTW, how about subscribe to the The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci and receive in your RSS aggregator a daily dose of Da Vinci? It’s a project of four years, and you receive day-by-day a page of 1,565 pages’ book. Other suggestion is download text version of it at Project Gutenberg. I tried the feed subscription for a while, in the beginning, but I had to stop reading for lack of time.

More da Vinci: Turning the pages, Kinematic Models for Design and 553 years of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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