Flying Pig

Paper craft Robot
What to do when a rainy day destroys all your plans? Stay at home and do some cool paper craft! And I already know a nice story to buy great automata paper models and kits: Flying Pig. Not only know, I have a list of favourites from there: Schrödinger’s Cat kit, robot, paper moose, Mexican Peck and now, the new Flying Spaghetti Monster. The best part: almost all are downloadable models and easy to assemble.
At the Downloadable Booklets page you will find four free models: Snap-Up Squid, a cute Agreeable Sheep, Origami Envelope and Combination Lock Eggstra (a new version of the Combination lock for Easter). You just need to inform your e-mail address and they send the PDF link to you download each model. There are more two models to download directly: Zen in the Art of Cardboard and Which Came First?.
And before you start printing I have more two final ideas for your Valentines’ Day: an automata Cupid model and a free snap up heart. Now you can go have fun.
Agreeable Sheep

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  1. Rumblefish74 says:

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  2. Bibi says:

    Thank you Rumblefish. I will check your blog.

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