Will Murai

What's yo flava?
Will Murai is a young Brazilian artist that creates beautiful illustrations, sketches, stamps for T-shirts, comics, and original images to the e-magazine IdeaFixa art. He makes lovely illustrations of pin-ups, like the Asimov pinup inspired by Gil Elvgren. His site is almost save for work. (via neurastenia)

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3 Responses to Will Murai

  1. zel says:

    i loved your blog and since you like illustrations, i would like to share a friend’s blog: http://www.weno.com.br/blog
    he’s brazilian (and so am i) and i thought you would enjoy it 🙂
    see you!

  2. Sebastian says:

    talanted guy with agood sense of humour.
    And Happy New Year to You too Bibi. (a little late…)

  3. Bibi says:

    Hi Zel, I’m glad you liked my blog! I visite your blog and I would like to say thanks for the links. I’m going to check the link you suggested right now.
    See you!
    Yes Sebastian, he has sense of humour. That Carmen Miranda that you chose is great. 🙂

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