Vintage Pulp Fiction

Saucy Movie Tales 1937
Vintage pulp fiction there is a huge collection with hundreds of covers of pulp fiction books from the amazing MagazineArt, with a much more visual and interactive disposition of them. Just in case you didn’t like the “coverpop” tool, try those galleries at MagazineArt: Rare Pulps – Action Stories, Adventure, All Around, Air Trails, Argosy, Black Aces, Black Mask, Blue Book, Breezy Stories, Cabaret Stories, College Stories, Saucy Movie Tales and many others; Adventure Pulps – Adventure magazine and Romance, The Adventure pulp; Science Fiction and Fantasy Pulps – Uncanny Tales; General Fiction Pulps – All-Story and Argosy; and Crime, Mystery, and Detective Pulps – Black Mask Magazine.

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