Ultraman 80

ultraman 80
I’m not sure why I will post this. The excuse that I gave to myself was that I needed to exorcise the demons of my childhood, including the 1980’s Japanese TV shows with superheroes doing funny choreographies, and Ultraman is a very good example.
Part one: download and listening at least three times Ultraman 80 soundtrack to get in the mood. (via Bubblegum Fink) Part two: watch three episodes of Ultraman 80. Just watch, because they are in Japanese. Or try the 16 episodes in Chinese. Part three: explore the Ultraman fan sites UltraColony, The Ultra[man] FAQ and Ultraman Toys. Part four: post about it. I will be fine after all – or very bad.
Ultraman 80 soundtrack
More Ultraman: Ultraman: Singing and Dancing and International Superheroes.

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