Toutes les pin up

La Pin Up de Berthet & Yann. Chez Dargaud
Toutes les pin up is a quite nice album with many classic and new images of pin- ups: illustrations, magazine covers, pictures and drawings. Unfortunately there are no thumbnails to select, just the slide show option or clicking one by one in sequence. The images are almost all safe for work, but not the page ads. (via Sexe, love et gaudriole)

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2 Responses to Toutes les pin up

  1. Hey Bibi –
    Fantastic site!
    Where’s your contact info?
    I’m going to blog this on Drawn! as soon as we get the site back up and running 🙂
    Best regards,

  2. Bibi says:

    Hi Matt, which site? My contact is that address, on about me. That’s all I think. 😉
    Drawn is back, finally! Now I can blog some stuff that I saved from there.

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