The Chocolate Molecule

Chocolate Molecule
I think that this should go to my list of cool stuff that I didn’t win last Christmas: Pierre Marcolini’s The Chocolate Molecule, created by the Belgian designer Dirk Meylaerts. Pierre Marcolini highlights the benefits of dark chocolate through the creation of the Chocolate Molecule. Dark Chocolate contains Antioxidants/Flavonoids, Essential Minerals, Lower in Sugar, Positive Fat, Stimulants – Caffeine, Theobromine, PEA, etc.. The chocolate truffle “ions” flavours are: milk chocolate ganache infused with Moroccan spices and coated with white chocolate, tender caramel with roasted pineapple and praline and coated with dark chocolate, dark chocolate ganache with a Tonka bean caramel and coated with dark chocolate and btter ganache with gingerbread spices notes and coated with milk chocolate. Super yummy and damn cool! Unfortunately its price doesn’t fit on my budget: $80.00 each. (via Slashfood)
More about chocolate: Christmas Linkdump 2006, Chocolate may boost brain power, Chocolate for Girls, The Science of Chocolate, Happy Easter! and Chocoholic/ Chocólatra.

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2 Responses to The Chocolate Molecule

  1. Lesly Finn says:

    Hi Bibi
    believe it or not I have only just found your lovely site!
    Chocolate is not only luscious it is very good for you physically … on medical grounds.
    Dark chocolate (containing 70% cocoa) contains large amounts of polyphenols which act much like anti-oxidants. These have beneficial effects in cancer prevention and also help the body to fight both this disease and other chronic illnesses.
    Two squares (40gm) daily is recommended! How nice that something so enjoyable is actually GOOD for you!
    Happy New Year for 2007.

  2. Bibi says:

    Oh… Dark chocolate… I bought a packet of French chocolates with 70% cocoa last week. I love chocolate.
    And thanks for the comment Lesly. I hope you like my other posts too. 🙂
    See you!

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