Robert Doisneau

Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville
It’s always a pleasure see a picture taken by Robert Doisneau. Maybe you have no idea about who he was, but I bet you know the picture above, Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Hotel de Ville) – that’s why I chose it. The French photographer took remarkable pictures of the Parisian life.
I was very happy when I found his official site, until I check it: there is a brief biography, a list of books about him, 3 gallery with few of his pictures and a annoying sound of click every single time you pass the mouse over a link. It looks more an information site to makes you go buy one of his books after discover the true beauty of his pictures.
That is a famous picture of a kiss, but there are more images to discover, like more kisses, a curious picture with a fox terrier, one of my favourites, a portrait of Picasso, a brilliant shot of a musician in a rainy day and many others. Photo Central has a worth special exhibit with 24 pictures of Doisneau: Seconds Snatched from Eternity.
Another worth place to visit is the virtual gallery with 120 Doisneau’s pictures made by Gregory Bastien. Great work, but I’m not sure they are all Doisneau’s images, because this is a picture taken by André Kertész. I have it on a Kertész book, and you can check it here. Even with that, it’s the gallery is fine.

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2 Responses to Robert Doisneau

  1. Steph says:

    I love Doisneau’s work too. This one “Le baiser de l’Hotêl de Ville” (or “Kiss by the Town Hall” is more right ;)) is in my living. Not genuine, off course.
    If you like this kind of french photographer, search about Willy Ronis or Henri Cartier Bresson.
    (sorry for my english, i try to do my best)

  2. Bibi says:

    Ah, I just got the name that they give to the picture.
    Ah Bresson is wonderful. I made a post about him when he did. Very sad.
    I will search for Willy Ronis. Thanks for the suggestion!
    PS.: I don’t think you have problems with your English, mine isn’t so good too. You can write in French ir you prefer, I understand too, don’t worry. 😉

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