Quanto Project

Work by Heba Fakhouri - Belgique

Quanto Project was an international competition attempting to explore the meaning of the word “prostitution” both from a moral and a sexual standpoint.

The awareness that women and minors are now-a-days subjected to exploitation and slavery is particularly dramatic if compared to the social progress so far achieved in the human rights field.
Acknowledging such conditions has resulted,in the last fifteen years, in reflections, dibates, political and social interventions,especially as a consequence of the increased phenomenon:”the sex market”. Women (often immigrated) are more and more the object of exchanges in the human trafficking, for the purpose of sexual exploitation by criminal organizations.
[…] QUANTOproject wants to arouse new reflections to bring forward a topic that tends more and more to hide and become unconspicuous.

They published the 200 pre-selected works between the 400 arrived. In between these the jury has selected the 36 winners exibited in Venice. Probably NSFW. (via MetaFilter)

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