Pour vous

Pour Vous
Pour vous was a weekly French cinema magazine, that was published from November 1928 to June 1940. 603 editions were published and impressively this site has scanned images of all the covers.Maybe is just my impression, but a huge part of the covers were stamped with pictures of American films and actors. The cover that I chose is an example: Greta Garbo and Ramon Navarro in Mata Hari. (via Rashomon)
PS.: I was trying to find a good image to blog – an edition with any image of L’Atalante maybe – and they banned my IP. Well, that wasn’t nice. Just to you know, before starting opening a lot of pages and they block your IP too.

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3 Responses to Pour vous

  1. Arbee says:

    Gorgeous, Bibi … wonderful images … bah, that you, of all, to be banished. Can email screen shots – taken in anticipation blocking – of all the pages (not each cover, the groups)if you would wish …

  2. patricia says:

    aah!! i love this site, there’s not only “pour vous ” but many more other cinéma magazines (on the left clic on “revues indexées”)
    (je ne trouve pas non plus de belles photos de “l’Atalante”…..)
    Bonne et heureuse année bibi!

  3. Bibi says:

    Don’t worry Arbee, I will try another day. 🙂
    Hi Patricia, I discovered the other magazines after being blocked. So, I couldn’t take a look at them.
    Bonne année pour toi aussi. 🙂

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