Pete Goldlust

Polyp Pupa with Parasol

Pete Goldlust is a talented multi artist. He makes whimsical sculptures of creatures, relief panels and prints with those strange creatures, wall drawings and installations. And, what made me go there, his fabulous work of carved crayons.

For several years, my work has explored a sculptural landscape where human urges (libidinous, predatory and monstrous) are acted out by half-recognizable, otherworldly surrogate creatures. The work reflects my interest in mutated, hybrid forms, and the disjunctive psychological states that they represent.

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Carved crayons

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2 Responses to Pete Goldlust

  1. Ernesto says:

    Es ironico que este blog este nominado como mejor Blog Latinoamericano y no hace uso de las lenguas de la region….. muy mal. Y luego hablan del boom latino….

  2. Bibi says:

    Hi Ernesto, I have many reasons to not blog in Portuguese: when I started to blog in Portuguese just my virtual friends read this blog, not the Brazilians, so why not blog in English, since the others don’t read it?
    My posts are about sites, links from around the world, so why blog in Portuguese?
    I blog to other people, Europeans and Americans most of them, not Brazilians. And the Brazilian blogs, most of them, have other blogging style that I don’t like.
    And there are few translators to Portuguese. In Spanish is much more easier, but I don’t speak Spanish (just understand), so why not English.
    And it was great transfom this blog in English to practised the language.
    All the blogs of that list are in English, and you aren’t the first person to talk about that, but well, at least I live in Brazil and that makes of this a Latin American Blog. And I bet that if was writing in Portuguese I had few readers and you wouldn’t understand it.

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