Nostalgia do Terror

Noites de Terror
It’s hard to find on-line good sites with vintage Brazilian images on-line (postcards, album covers, comics, pictures, maps, books). I don’t know why this happen, it’s probably a cultural -of the fault of it – problem. That’s why sites as Nostalgia do Terror deserve the attention. “Horror Nostalgia” (the English name) is an amazing site about Brazilian vintage horror comics. It started with few scanned images of covers and now it’s also has scanned images of the comics as PDF files.
The site is maintained thanks to the efforts of Ulisses Azeredo, a collector of horror comics. A huge number of covers are on-line and the plan is scan more comics – there are 15 on-line now. The galleries by publisher show one or two covers, highlighted, but there are much more “hidden”: click on the comics titles to open the pages with the scans.
Among the preciosities there is the complete “A Garra Cinzenta”, published in 1937, which was kindly provided by Quadrinhos Nona Arte, another great site. BTW, the site contains some NSFW covers. (via Blog dos Quadrinhos)
A Garra Cinzenta

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