NFB animated shorts

The Cat Came Back

The National Film Board of Canada is a prestigious animation school founded in 1942 by John Grierson, Norman McLaren and René Jodoin. They put together a groups of young animators who could craft films using conventional methods, got help of other pioneers of animation and started to make great and innovative animations.

Le Merle

Two series marked the NFB animation team’s first years of production: Chants populaires and Let’s All Sing Together. McLaren, who was in charge of the Chants populaires project, made C’est l’aviron (1944), Alouette (co-directed by R. Jodoin, 1944) and Là-haut sur ces montagnes (1945) using whatever resources were available. Alexandre Alexeïeff created En passant (1945) for the same series, using his famous pinscreen technique.

Mindscape by Jacques Drouin

With a great list of known animations, which won 11 Oscars, and received 69 nominations, including The Danish Poet this year. The site is a great place to all those that love animation, want to study or just learn a little more about it. One of my favourite areas there is techniques, that I call “all that you wanted to know about animation techniques”.

Ludovic - The Snow Gift

But what I really recommend is the Play films area, with 50 NFB animated shorts, including several classics of the animated art. Films you must watch there: A Chairy Tale by Norman McLaren, Afterlife by Ishu Patel, The Street by Caroline Leaf, Notes on a Triangle by René Jodoin, Every Child by Eugene Fedorenko, Blackfly by Christopher Hinton, The Sweater by Sheldon Cohen, The Sand Castle by Co Hoedeman, The Hat (NSFW) by Michèle Cournoyer and The Owl Who Married a Goose by Caroline Leaf.

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  1. Manuel says:

    Bibi, deve ser telepatia, porque pusemos no mesmo dia o mesmo filme (o da Caroline Leaf). Não sei quem postou primeiro, juro que não tinha visto o teu post. Qualquer dia vou ao Brasil e rapto-te!:)

  2. Bibi says:

    😀 Eu tenho o link de lá salvo para postar há semanas, mas como há animações “demais” – o que não é verdade – eu precisava de tempo para vê-las. E hoje calhou. 🙂
    Mas você não pára de postar hein?? Não dá para eu te dar um link por dia!!! Tenho algumas coisas salvas para postar de lá, incluindo aquela maravilhosa galeria de álbuns.

  3. Manuel says:

    Postei primeiro! ganhei! eheh Sabes, lembro-me de em criança ver filmes da National Film Board of Canada, possivelmente no programa do Vasco Granja, o guru da animação em Portugal. Na altura achavamos o homem um chato, porque “falava muito antes de mostrar os bonecos!”

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