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Magic lantern

Since I’m fascinated by magic lanterns, here are few links to sites with vintage slides of them:

At EVE (Everyone’s Virtual Exhibition) there is a huge collection of magic lantern slides divided in gallery like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The World War and Dickens’ Christmas Carol, and images of magic lanterns. (via Agence eureka)

The Victorian Magic Lantern contains a very nice collection of hand painted magic lantern slides and photographically reproduced and then possibly hand-tinted. Many of those slides are photographic registries from different countries, like France, Japan, Rome and Egypt, and others “just” pretty illustrations. (via Agence eureka)

Village & chesnut tree

Magic Lantern Slides from The Berkeley Geography Collection, the slides date from about 1900 to around 1915.

Some are part of a series used by the Southern Pacific Railroad to show off the beauties of California,where it not only monopolized transport, but also owned a tremendous amount of land. Another series seems to have been assembled to aid in teaching the physical geography of California.

Millington-Barnard: Magic Lantern Slides. These slides are believed to have been purchased in 1859, by Chancellor F.A.P. Barnard for the University of Mississippi. They were used in classroom lectures on astronomy.

fanciful astronomical illustration

More magic lantern at Early Visual Media Magic Lantern Slides and de Luikerwaal.

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