Life: A Journey Through Time

Photo by Frans Lanting
Life: A Journey Through Time is presented as a photographic exhibition by Naturalis, the National Museum of Natural History of the Netherlands. The Life Project is a lyrical interpretation of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to its present diversity. The site is part of project, with music for orchestra by Philip Glass and visual design by Alexander V. Nichols. Enjoy the visual travel through 86 stunning pictures by Frans Lanting.

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3 Responses to Life: A Journey Through Time

  1. lotusgreen says:

    yikes! yow! wow! it’s so wonderful!!
    i wonder why your images don’t come through when i subscribe to your feed.

  2. Bibi says:

    Hum… which feed reader are you using lotusgreen? I blocked my images to other pages because there was too much hotlinking. I thinking about let some other feed readers show my images. 😉

  3. lotusgreen says:

    google reader–is that what you mean?

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