Japan Body Painting Museum

Body painting to the Autumn Festival

Janbopai Museum is a web site devoted to the body paint art in Japan, with many pictures of original works, images of body painting steps, works for magazines, links, foruns, information about body painting and wallpapers.

Since very few Japanese artists are interested in body painting., it is very difficult to find Japanese professional works of body painting. They are thinking that body painting is too erotic as a category of art and they have not found artistic importance in body painting yet. Consequently, in Japan, body painting has been done mainly as one of erotic expressions for magazines for men or video tapes and discs.

The navigation and other parts of the site have texts in English, however, if your Japanese is so good as mine, goes to site map after read the introduction. BTW, it’s NSFW. (via Unscathed Corpse)

More body paint: Heidi Klum by Joanne Gair, Kim Joon and Marco Guerra & Yasmina Alaoui.

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