Chinese Public Health Posters

Pharmaceutical advertisement of veramon

Chinese Public Health Posters of Understanding Human Body, Hygiene Education for Children, Public Health Movement, Prevention of Diseases and Pharmaceutical Advertisements. That’s just a small part of a wide range of media presentations of Chinese Public Health materials acquired by the National Library of Medicine.

These materials present rich visual representations of public health concerns which were closely tied to the political, social, economic, and even military engagements of China during different time periods. Scholars and the general public will find the collection a unique source of information on Chinese public health education and propaganda movements.

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2 Responses to Chinese Public Health Posters

  1. manuel says:

    olá. o filme é muito simples, é sobre a vida dos pescadores numa localidade muito perto da minha casa!(norte de portugal); podes encontrar informações sobre o filme em
    e mais excertos do filme no tube (pesquisa “Leitão de Barros”)

  2. Bibi says:

    Ah, muito obrigada pelas informações Manuel. 🙂

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