George Petty & Alberto Vargas

George Petty pin-up - July 1947
I wanted to make a post of Playboy’s Alberto Vargas, but the prettiest, and almost all illustrations (and that link) are NSFW. What makes me do one more post about George Petty and a 1947 calendar. 12 months of “Petty Girls”, and you know, the Petty girls are gorgeous, sexy and they are always smiling. Regardless of the “kitsch” content and subject matter, these paintings are wonderful examples of masterful use of the airbrush. I love vintage pin-ups, they
are always pretty and naïve.
More about Albert Vargas and his pin-up illustrations: Alberto Vargas – the only safe link – , The Pin-up Files, Fine Art Presentations, American Archives, Erotic art & pinup gallery and Das virtuelle Pinup Art Bilder Museum all NSFW,
More George Petty: George Petty’s Ridgid Tools Calendars and Pin-ups for Christmas.

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