French Animated Musical Videos

Emilie Simon - Flowers
A tort ou a raison is a very creative animation that plays with a fly, cups of wine a table, coins, the paper used in some restaurants and drawings made on it to composed the video. Produced by Virginie Giachino and directed by Joris Clerte and Philippe Massonnet.
Au paradis by Gérald De Palmas was directed by Nobrain to Cosa. The videos was made using CGI animation, creating characters that look like marionettes and theatre of shadows, an inventive way to describe the story of an unhappy married. It’s pretty nice.
C’est une belle journée by Mylène Farmer. That isn’t a new videoclip: its 2001 animation, realised to Mylène’s album Les Mots. It was directed by Benoît Di Sabatino based on the drawings made by Mylène, probably the sheep, her as a young playful girl and a kind of alter-ego as a kid. I’m not sure, but it looks this cheerful animation was made using the classic method hand-drawn.
C'est une belle journée
Ce que je suis is one more musical video produced by Virginie Giachino and directed by Joris Clerte. I have no idea if the girl that sings is the Virginie Giachino, if this is a “real” videoclip or what. However this is a lovely and a bit sad animation that uses silhouettes to tell the story of The meteorological strolling of a young girl with dark thoughts.
Flowers by Emilie Simon. Well, it’s not a song in French, but she’s French and most part of her songs are in French. This lovely short animation has something of Tim Burton, the macabre atmosphere with very “cute” characters, you know what I want to say, something that reminds Corpse Bride. Flowers was also directed by Nobrain, of Cosa Productions, that also directed “Fleur de Saison” from her third album Végetal.
La Femme Chocolat by Olivia Ruiz. This musical video directed by Valerie Pirson is composed by puppet animation parts and video images of Olivia. This song is from her second album, La Femme Chocolat and I couldn’t imagined a better video to this song. (via NicoSite)
La Femme Chocolat

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  1. As with Brazil, France houses great professionals.
    Espero que no caso de Brasil, a ida aos EUA ñ cause déficit de talentos.

  2. Bibi says:

    Eu também espero. Os canadenses também tem ótimos trabalhos de animação, pelo menos os que eu vi em festivais e on-line. Ah, e poloneses também.

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