Day of the Fight

Day of Fight
I watched many Stanley Kubrick‘s films, almost all. Not because I’m a fan of his works. Well, I can’t deny he did some masterpieces, but I don’t idealize his image as a myth, and I know a lot of people that do that. It was more causality: I read in some place about one of his films, I watch a restored version at the cinema, watched other at a friend’s house and one more at TV. Things like that.
I remember of one of my teacher’s talking about how brilliant Kubrick was and about his first film Day of the Fight, a short documentary featured the Irish middleweight boxer Walter Cartier, filmed in 1951. I never watched the film, I never search about it. And, one more time, just for coincidence, like the other times when his films “appeared” on my way, I found Day of the Fight available to download (or watch as a Quicktime fomat). I can’t ignore it now, can I?

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2 Responses to Day of the Fight

  1. Arbee says:

    An early precursor of Kubrick dabbling with people and violence? compelling doco.

  2. Bibi says:

    Yep, Kubrick 🙂

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