Daniela Edburg

Death by Lifesavers, 2006
Are you crazy about candies? You will think twice before eat a whole box of bag of them after see the beautiful series of pictures Drop Dead Gorgeous by Daniela Edburg. Death by oreos, by M&Ms, by plastipack and her other photos with catchy colours are remakes of her favourite paintings, horror films and thrillers.
Death by shampoo is her version to The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David; “Death by Bananas” reproduces the classic Tippi Hedren scene in Hitchcock’s The Birds in banana version; in Death by Cotton Candy the The Wizard of Oz‘s tornado was made with cotton candy. To know more about her creation concepts and ideas don’t forget to read the interview. (via Surfez Avec Moi)

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3 Responses to Daniela Edburg

  1. Congratulations about your nomination! I am excited about mine, too.
    PS You are right – that photo is gorgeous!

  2. casapinka says:

    Love the Oreo photo! Congrats on your nomination and am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Bibi says:

    Thanks Maryam! And congratulations to you too, you have a very pretty blog.:)
    Hi casapinka, I agree with you that photo is great, reminds me of Adèle H film. And Thanks! Keep reading, I have much more stuff hidden in the old posts. 🙂

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