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Cocotte Minute
I love the sites of animation schools: they always have cool stuff to watch. One of the most famous, Gobelins, has a site too with a gallery with the last animations realised by the students.
Every year the graduate animation class at the Gobelins in Paris produces films the vignettes (intro) for the Annecy, a film animation festival. That gallery has the 5 intros of 2006 and 6 of made to 2005. The quality of the works is really impressive. There are touching, inspiriting, non sense and insightful animations, most of them with a smart sense of humour and very funny. The short animations realised for other years are also available: 2004, 2003 and 2002, which contains my favourite.
& Cie was one of the overtures for Annecy 2003, with graphic images and papers escaping from its original places. A film by Vincent Ehrhart-Devay, Lionel Marchand, Barthélémy Maunoury, Julien Sarraute and Jules Stromboni.
Annecirque is an overture short film made for the Annecy festival of 2004 with bunnies playing a circus acrobatic number. By Aurelie Blard, Iris Bonavitacola, Cécile Coulibeuf, Carole Maurel and Caroline Piochon.
Cocotte Minute is a hilarious animation by Thibault Berard, Sylvain Marc, Loïc Miermont, Amandine Pecharman, Nathalie Robert and Romain Vacher. In a restaurant kitchen, a chicken dreams of escape and freedom while trying to survive a poultry race organised by the team of cooks.
Burning Safari by Vincent Aupetit, Florent de La Taille, Jeanne Irzenski, Maxime Maleo, Aurélien Predal and Claude-William Trebutien.A group of tiny computer creatures from outerspace go make a safari and take some pictures, but a monkey doesn’t like of its portrait.
Cha cha Chat
Cha Cha Chat by Antoine Birot, Cecile Coulibeuf, Benjamin Marsaud, Lisa Paclet and Caroline Piochon. Tea time and nothing happens, until the cat broke a cup of tea.
Cosmos 2002 by Cédric Ghorbani, Gilles Cuvelier, Karim Bousalaa, Renaud Roche and Bastien Laurent.One of the Annecy ovetures for 2002 with a sci-fi TV series overture style.
Croquette by François Leroy, Marion Montaigne and Gilles Moreau. The best definition that I found for this one was bizarre Indian commercial for dog food.
Festival Qualité is a very short and funny animation of a “fly” contest, by Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Jun Frederic Violet, Remi Zaarour.
Gnap Gnap by Sonia Demichelis, Olivier Daube, Wilfried Pain, Bertrand Piocelle and Jean-Vincent Sales. A bizarre film of a robot creature in a futuristic and desert future that “eats” sounds to grow.
Hector: when people turn into sounds, by Antoine Birot, Marco Nguyen, Lisa Paclet and Bertrand Piocelle.
Horloger: in a strange salon where time stopped, the clock must be adjusted. A film by José Deransart, Paul Leluc, Pasquale Carlotti, Anne Voitot and Perrine Rogier.
Jurannessic is my favourite Annecy overture film, made in 2002 by Yann Avenati, Simon Andriveau, Louis Clichy, Hervé Barberau and In-Ah Rödiger. The pre-history of erotic animation, a brilliant animation.
La migration Bigoudenn is a shifted and poetic vision from the country Bigoudenn. Or, the search for the perfect pancake, but this resume don’t make justice to this short and lovely animation. A film by Eric Castaing, Alexandre Heboyan and Fafah Togora.
Le Building by Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Olivier Staphylas and Rémi Zaarour. An old lady try to make their neighbour stop singing at the shower to watch TV. Another hilarious animation, which I posted before, but it was a pleasure watch it again.
Le carnet by Gaëlle Beerens, Mehdi Leffad, Olivier Lescot, Anthony Menard and Paul Linsley. A draw woman try to scape from the red ink in a notebook.
La boite magique by Eric Vongdara, Pierre Volto, Mathias Martin and Florent Maudoux. A group of globins work hard to make an animation.
La craie et le sabre by Yohan Pelladeaud, Claude Ricros, Fafah Togora and Virgile Trouillot. The monotony of a class ends with a sword fight.
Le goûter is an Annecy overture for 2003 with a monster pursing a little girl. By Julien Bizat, Aurore Damant, Gabriel Gelade, Alexandre Heboyan and Mathieu Vig,
Le moine by Xiaoguang Li, Anne Guillard and Laurent Negroni. At the sunset, a monk dances while he plays making shadows.
Le miroir by Thomas Balard, Lucien Larrame, Joann Leblanc, Thierry Ngo. A magical mirror transports a man to a darkly world.
Le  Building
Le piment by Pierre Ducos, David Etien, Louis de la Taille, Julie Serviere and Pierre Tricoire. After eat a strange “fruit”, a pepper, a man start to have hallucinations with Indian gods.
Lionel by Gabriel Gelade, Mehdii Leffad, Anthony Menard and Matthieu Poirey. A 5 year old schoolboy is interviewed by the director of a documentary.
Motus et bouche cousue (Sealed lips): A ventriloquist and his dummy pass an audition in a small theatre. A film by Adrien Soyty Liv, Grégory Mougne and Coline Veith.
Nuit Blanche by David Etien, Vincent Sales, Julie Serviere and Pierre Tricoire. A drawing monster turn into life in a wind night.
Open book (A livre ouvert) by Iris Bonavitacola, Virginie Hanrigou, Carole Maurel, Augustin Paliard and Raphaël Lev. A kid accidentally open a book and see himself travelling though the history of 20th century as a character. The film plays with different styles of drawing for each epoch.
Pyrats A group of angry pirates arrive in a city to save his fellow from the gallows and nobody will stop them. Animation by Yves Bigerel, Bruno Dequier, Ben Fiquet, Nicolas Gueroux and Julien Le Rolland. The film has a blog too.
Round Zero by Vincent Ehrhart Devay, Benjamin Malartre, Barthélemy Maunoury and Mathieu Vig. A boxer tries to resist the pressure of his corrupt coach to fight a particularly frightening opponent as big as a buffalo.
Sébastien is a very pretty film about a man trying to do the perfect paper airplane. A film by Geneviève Godbout, Mourad Seddiki, Carole Carrion and Samuel Wambre.
Steam team by Ludovic Bouancheau, Yohan Pelladeaud and Claude Ricros. Explorers from outer space land on earth and learn about the statue of limitations when it comes to communicating with earthlings. Or when stupid aliens get nervous.
Super Tibetan racer by Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Bernard Ling, Kosal Sok and Jun Violet. Three Tibetan monks compete in a car race.
The Toon Horror Picture Show by Olivier Daube, Sonia Demichelis, Benjamin Marsaud, Wilfried Pain. A man in bunny costumes surrounded by bunny creatures.
Traintamarre is a musical short film. The rhythm and the music theme have a key part in the narrative. A film realised by Béatrice Bourloton, Sébastien Piquet, Eléa Gobbe Mevellec, Benjamin L’hoste and twelve musicians that participated in the recording.
Wake Up is one more film realised for Annecy overture that passes in a kind of “Blade Runner” future with a kind of Manga style. A film by Christelle Abgrall, Anais Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou and Bernard Ling.
Worms: a whimsical animation, maybe about worms, by Sébastien Delfino, Matthieu Poirey, Vincent Petreman, Grégory Mougne.

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