Charles Chaplin On-line III: 1917-1921

Easy Street (1917) poster
The first part of Charles Chaplin on-line was about 1914’s films, the second 1915 and 1916’s films and this is about all his other films on-line. This is the smallest list because he reduce his rhythm of making films in the other years, making better films, and most of them still under copyright rights.
From 1917 to 1921 Charlie Chaplin made one film to Essanay Studios, four to the Mutual Film and eight to the First National, including one unfinished film. He made more two films to First National and after all his films were made by United Artists, founded by him, Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith and Mary Pickford (picture).

At the conclusion of the Mutual contract in 1917, Chaplin signed a contract with First National to produce eight two-reel films. First National financed and distributed these pictures (1918-23) but otherwise gave him complete creative control over production. Chaplin built his own Hollywood studio and using his independence, created a remarkable, timeless body of work that remains entertaining and influential. The First National films include the comedy shorts: A Dog’s Life (1918), and Pay Day (1922); longer films, such as: Shoulder Arms (1918) and The Pilgrim (1923); and the feature-length classic The Kid (1921).
In 1919 Chaplin co-founded the United Artists film distribution company with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D. W. Griffith, all of whom were seeking to escape the growing power consolidation of film distributors and financiers in the developing Hollywood studio system. This move, along with complete control of his film production through his studio, assured Chaplin’s independence as a film-maker. He served on the board of UA until the early 1950s.

Well, the list is short, but the films are great and very funny, until I remember. The Immigrant and The Adventurer are must see films; Shoulder Arms has remarkable scenes and the other films I must to watch. Here is the list with Chaplin’s films on-line from 1917 to 1921:
The Immigrant (1917) poster
Charlie Chaplin Festival: a collection with his 1917’s films made in 1938 – The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant. Easy Street articledownloadvideo
The Adventurer directed by Charles Chaplin (1917): articledownloadvideo
The Cure directed by Charles Chaplin (1917): articledownloadvideo
The Immigrant directed by Charles Chaplin (1917): articledownloadvideo
Shoulder Arms directed by Charles Chaplin (1918): article – download here or herevideo
The Bond directed by Charles Chaplin (1918): articledownloadvideo
Triple Trouble directed by Charles Chaplin (1918): articledownloadvideo
A Day’s Pleasure directed by Charles Chaplin (1919): articledownloadvideo
Sunnyside directed by Charles Chaplin (1919): articledownloadvideo
The Kid directed by Charles Chaplin (1921): article – download here or here
The Kid (1921) poster
The Kid, one of his greatest films and definitely a masterpiece is pointed by Internet Archive in this post as a film in public domain. However, this film was on-line and I receive a copyright message from DMCA saying it wasn’t, shutting down the video at Google. Since they don’t say who said that have the rights, and that I don’t have money, time, patience or a lawyer in U.S., this film that is in public domain according to many sites won’t be uploaded anymore – until someone check for me said that it’s really in public domain and that some bastards are just trying to take advantage.
There are also two of his films available at Archive, but they have problems: The Circus, that according to a user “About 15 minutes is missing from the end.“; and The Gold Rush, which comment was “This is the butchered and severely shortened re-release that Chaplin created in 1942 by removing all title cards, shortening some scenes that shouldn’t have been, and narrating, somewhat insultingly, over top of the film that did remain.” After those comments I didn’t check to know if the films had those problems or not.
I hope you would like those posts about Chaplin and other directors, because more of those are on the way. More about Chaplin read also Charles Chaplin On-line I: 1914, Charles Chaplin On-line II: 1915-1916, Golden Silents and Posters.
Charles Chaplin c.1928

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