Calendars for 2007

2007 Calendar - August
A new year demands a new calendar, right? I did my last calendar, and the one before it, with the models of 12 sided calendar page. You can choose the language, the format to save to print (PDF or PostScript), when the week starts and if you want a regular dodecahedron model or a rhombic dodecahedron. Tip: print it in photographic paper, 100-120 g/m² as the site recommends, with a good quality. It will last much more – it lasted the whole year for me.
At PDF Pad there is a calendars session where you can customize your calendar: All month, year and perpetual calendars are ready for printing. Flickr Toys also has a very nic ne tool: the Calendar creates a customized calendar from your digital photographs.
And my last suggestion is a free downloadable 2007 calendar from the sci-fi site The Website at the End of the Universe, each month features a different bathing beauty from the future as illustrated on a vintage science fiction magazine cover. That means pin-ups from pulp book covers, like the ones that the dead site Babes in Space has. If you aren’t happy enough with the images, try Science Fiction Paperback Covers to find nice images, like the ones in the gallery Sleaze Science Fiction Covers. (all via

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