Arthur de Pins

Bissexuel by Arthur de Pins
Cheerful, sexy, lovely, funny and beautiful, those are good definitions to the portfolio of Arthur de Pins. His excellent portfolio contains now 173 illustrations of cartoons, sexy comics, advertising, posters, cute pin-ups, caricatures, and tons of other illustrations to see. There is also the animation part with 23 works, composed by very short flash videos, animations for sites and three funny short videos:
Geraldine is a hilarious short animation about a guy called Gerald that wake up transformed in girl and many funny situations start to appear.
La revolution des crabes is a funny animation about a group of unsatisfied crabs that want change the world, they want a revolution.
L’eau de Rose: the end of a love story in a big wheel can be more dramatic and anarchic that we can imagine.
PS.: the site contains cute NSFW illustrations.
Rebecca Rils

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  1. Manuel says:

    tem uma coisa para ti no arco da velha 🙂

  2. Bibi says:

    CHOCOLATES!!! Obrigada.:)
    Vou postar assim que a lista de coisas para postar aqui acabar. 😉

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