Art Face Off

Art Face Off
Art Face Off is a new social site for artists upload their works describing and adding tags, and it’s also a competition, where the visitors vote for the best of two works. Winners move on to the next level of competition, and final prize is $1000US to the overall winner of each general media, a spot in the Athena Awards collective exhibition, and an award at the ceremony.
The experience of chose between a picture and a drawing can be strange. You can select to see works of the same support. For me it’s a place to discover new artists and explore beautiful new images. BTW, some of the works you will see aren’t safe for work. (via Techcrunch)
Couple in the moonlight couple by Chitra Singh

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  1. mod*mom says:

    congratulations on your bloggy nomination!!!! so cool!
    i voted for you!

  2. Bibi says:

    Thank you Mond*mon! I saw that you are back from your small break. That’s nice. 🙂

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