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Evial Mineral Water
Do you have time, I mean do you really have free time now? If you don’t, reserve some hours of your weekend to explore the site of Epica Awards – Europe’s premier creative awards. It’s a wonderful place to spend hours taking a look at the winner and the finalists of this contest, with delightful, well done and funny graphic ads and commercials.
While I was having a good time (and wasting a lot of it) there, I selected some fabulous ads with animation, probably very known of you. Take a look at:
– Aides AIDS Awareness “Vibrators“: one of the best campaigns of prevention of the last years. It’s a touching 3D animation which slogan is “Live long enough to find the right one.” Music “Baby Baby” of the group The Vibrators. Not so safe for work.
– Camelot Lottery, “Bag of Smiles“: the prettiest and most cheerful lottery commercial I ever seen. The beautiful animation is directed by Paul Brazier.
– Coca-Cola commercial “Happiness Factoryis the first Coca-Cola Global campaign since 1996. It was launched in June 2006 and used in 199 countries to illustrate the brand’s new pitch, “The Coke Side Of Life”. And even if you don’t like coca-cola you have to agree they make remarkable commercials.
– Doctors Without Borders, “Human Ball“: a dark animation for AIDS treatment campaign in Africa.
– Evian Mineral Water “Waterboy“: a cute drop of water keep walking, with a personality of its own climbs out of a glass. To Evian’s signature remix of the Queen song “We Will Rock You”, the watery sprite enjoys a series of adventures: quenching a fire, being divided by a colander, skiing down the side of Evian’s mountain logo – even meeting a “water girl” and raising a family.
Honda “Grrr”: “Grrr” introduces the premise that hate can be a good thing. Throughout the film Garrison Keillor sings along to a strumming guitar about the joys of hate. And so it goes, “hate something, change something, make something better..” BTW, Honda makes great commercials – remember the Cog commercial. Check the other Honda commercials there.
PS.: Just in case you don’t want to click in all those links, I made a playlist with them.
Bag of Smiles

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