American Social Hygiene Posters

Both of these men had syphilis

The fabulous collection of American Social Hygiene Posters (ca. 1910-1970) from the University of Minnesota has everything girls and boys need to know for a healthy sexual life (or maybe not):

The social hygiene movement of the early twentieth century combined moral indignation and public health methods in an attempt to combat prostitution and venereal disease. Especially during the two world wars, civilian and military authorities produced many posters to educate armed forces personnel on how to remain disease-free and “fit to fight.” The U.S. Public Health Service and the American Social Hygiene Association prepared elaborate poster displays during the 1920s as part of a campaign to eradicate what we now call sexually transmitted diseases.

Other way to browse the collection with 212 posters is using the search. One other preciosity displayed in the collection this poster:

Beware of chance acquaintances

“Pick-up” acquaintances often take girls autoriding, to cafés, and to theatres with the intention of leading them into sex relations. Disease or child-birth may follow.
Avoid the man who tries to take liberties with you. He is selfishly thoughtless and inconsiderate of you.
Believe no one who says it is necessary to indulge sex desire.
Know the men you associate with

Don’t forget to read What sex brings to the girl and What sex brings to the boy. (via coisas do arco da velha)

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  1. Very very interesting link. I think that someone can know about the present of a country… searching in the old public communnication actions of their government. Congratulations for your blog.

  2. Bibi says:

    Yes, I agree with you. It’s sad to know that sometimes, even after decades people still having the same prejudices.

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