1930’s Books of Love

1930's Books of Love

Think Geek is famous for sell cool stuff for geek, however, find 1930’s Books of Love there sounds odd to me. Maybe I’m wrong, but nowadays geeks don’t need of that kind of how to books, there is internet! It reminds me of Bill Plympton‘s short animations How to Kiss and How to Make Love to a Woman (NSFW).

Each pocket-sized book is full of facts and techniques on such topics as: The “French” Soul Kiss; How to Approach a Girl; and The Green-Eyed Dragon. You’ll learn everything you need to find love and how to cherish… oh, who are we kidding? These books are hysterical, and a great view of what our geeky forefathers thought of love and romance (or at least what they were brave enough to print!) You’ll ponder how, if this was their view on the birds and the bees, current generations even exist.

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