Pin-ups for Christmas

Christmas Pin-up by Bill Medcalf
Here is my Christmas present to you: a collection of links to images of pin-ups dressed for Christmas, with Santa’s clothes or something like that. Enjoy!
Al Buell pin-up from The Pin-up Files
Ana Beatriz Barros pictures with Santa Claus for some magazine editorial (via dadanoias)
Bettie Page poster, from 1955 Playboy. NSFW
Betty Brosmer at the cover of Monsieur Magazine
Bill Medcalf pin-up, from The Pin-up Files
Come sledding with me! with the lovely Audrey, by RJB Photo
December pin-up from an Alberto Vargas’ 1945 calendar
Esquire’s charge by E Simms Campbell, from American Art Archives
Film Fun cover, January 1929 by Enoch Bolles, from Erotic art & pinup gallery
Enoch Bolles Christmas covers, with five covers of “Film Fun” and one of Snappy Stories 1926
George Petty pin-up from The Painted Anvil
It's berries - Film Fun
Gil Elvgren pin-up, from Erotic art &amp: pinup gallery
Masuimi Max posing with a Christmas corset by Morgana Femme CoutureNSFW
Miss Anne says Merry Xmas at Modern Pin-up (site NSFW)
Open Christmas Day, Playboy’ cartoon by Doug Sneyd, from ASIFA.
Pin-up picture by Danielle Bedics
Pin-up Toons has three illustrations of cute pin-ups: on in the main page (december), other one here and
here, by Rion Vermon
Earl Mac Pherson pin-up, from Pinupmania
Playboy Christmas Cover (1972) by Haddon Sundblom from American Art Archives. Check also the four illustrations for Coca-Cola Christmas with the classic image of Santa Claus.
Raymond Lobato‘s pin-up, from Great American PinUp
Santa’s Helper by Edward Reed
The Japanese model Hiromi Oshima explains Christmas and New Year at Japan in a video. (via Crazy Japan!)
Vicky Becker, 1946 by Bruno Bernardi, also known as Bernard of Hollywood, from The Ultimate Pin Up
Esquire, “Personally, I’m willing to close my eyes to Reverend Thornton’s methods
– after all, the basket fund has already doubled last year’s record.”
(1939) by Campbell
PS.: if you know where there are more pictures of pin-ups dressed for Christmas, please let me know.

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3 Responses to Pin-ups for Christmas

  1. Marty Weil says:

    What a cool way to celebrate. I’m a big fan of all things ephemera, and these certainly qualify as outstanding examples. I notice you feature ephemera throughout your site with great effect. Great work.

  2. Bibi says:

    Thanks Marty! Yes, I’m a big fan of ephemera too, including films. Thanks for the nice comment! 🙂

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