Professional bloggers, or those who want to win something other than “fame” while blogging have a new good option, beyond ad banners: ReviewMe. It’s a new web site whose idea is to join bloggers and advertisers to reach their goals.
And how does it work? Well, that’s very easy. Go to site of ReviewMe and choose whether you are a blogger or advertiser. The forms are easy to fill out, or at least the blogger’s form. If you are an advertiser, just choose one, or more, blogs available in the categories that best fit your product – the reviews pays from $40.00.
However, I know that most readers will want to know how it works for bloggers, so let’s do it. First: add your blog or blogs in one of the categories available – unfortunately there is no art category. Ad also up to six tags that best describe your blog. And, if it will be approve, wait for the clients to purchase reviews from you. And you decide to accept the review or not – you don’t need to review about something that you don’t trust or didn’t like.

We do not allow advertisers to require a positive review. The vast majority of reviews are measuredly positive, although many do contain constructive criticism. We view this as a bonus: how else can you quickly and cheaply get feedback on a product or service from influences?

Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Now, how much do they pay for a review? Well, all reviews that I wrote until today where for free – and I think that will keep being so for a long time, but I write exactly what I think, not more, not less. So, I have no idea whether their price is fair or not: you tell me. For bloggers the reviews will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site. Let me explain how they get the price of the review for each blog: it’s an average of your’s blog punctuation/position in Alexa, Technorati, RSS and ranking (Google I think). It could be better, because I never liked Alexa, but it could be worst too, like just Alexa.
The idea is good, the site design is pretty and very intuitive. Is this going to work? For now I think that the things are going to be slow, since the two parts must know about it and have trust in it. However, this is a great alternative to connect bloggers and advertisers, and we know that blogs are a new growing media, with a bright future, so I bet in a happy end.

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