Philosophical Powers

Nefarious Friedrich Nietzsche

Here it is one more suggestion for your list of Christmas presents, and “kids” will love it: Philosophical PowersThe greatest minds of all time now have great bodies to match! That’s all that you wanted , no? Now you can let Aristotle kick Saint Thomas Aquinas for what he did with his theories. Or put the two tough philosophers “Hateful” Hegel and his Absolute Spirit Power Meter vs.“Killer” Kant with his “Copernican Revolution” Action (his head spins, changing the direction of epistemological fit from mind – world to world – mind!. That’s awesome! I almost chose Kant him.

Even not agreeing with his theories and most of his ideas, I chose the “Nefarious” Nietzsche because of his power and his weak: crazy. I don’t agree, crazy can be turn in a superpower. “Lethal” Locke is my second choice, because of his invulnerability, super strength and he smells great and has facility with prose.

All this amusing silliness is result of the work of Ian Vandewalker in 2003:

I had a little extra time on my hands the summer after my first year as a graduate student in Indiana University’s prestigious philosophy department, so I decided to take on a project that would blend two of my greatest interests – or rather, one of my petty distractions and my greatest interest, which are philosophy and toys, respectively. I wanted to do something that would bring a discipline that is often seen as difficult, esoteric, and even irrelevant, into new light–especially in the eyes of young people.

See? Again too much free time in hands. Now I’m waiting for someone else add more toys to the collection. I would like to see Schopenhauer, Sartre, Voltaire and Rousseau, my favourites.
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