Marco Guerra & Yasmina Alaoui

Guerra & Alaoui

It looks like body art, photography and an impressive work of artistic patterns, maybe a colourful lace work as a second skin. It’s difficult to define the work of Marco Guerra and Yasmina Alaoui, anyway, it’s wonderful.

The work is a combination of Marco Guerra’s photographic figure studies with Yasmina Alaoui’s exquisite heritage. Their collaboration, enriched by two different sensibilities, combines mysterious beauty with a rich lyrical cultural heritage that creates modern, and yet classical images.

BTW, probably NSFW. More body art posts: Kim Joon and Heidi Klum by Joanne Gair. (via neurastenia)

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3 Responses to Marco Guerra & Yasmina Alaoui

  1. Bobby says:

    Hi, Bibi! Did you see this animation’s trailer?

    It seems interesting! 🙂

  2. Tia Marks says:

    This a very good blog, great content and pics. I am new to the blogoshere, but share your interest in contemporary art. I just premiered an ezine with similar content.

  3. Bibi says:

    Thanks for the link Bobby!
    Thanks for the nice comment Tia. I will check your ezine.

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