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Lovecraft is the last graphic novel that I’ve read, and I liked it a lot. Released by Vertigo, it’s a mix of Howard Phillips Lovecraft biography, his stories, the myths created by him and the work of imagination of Hans Rodionoff to join all this elements in a brilliant book. The final version puts together the adaptation of Keith Giffen, based on Rodionoff script, and the great work of illustration of Enrique Breccia.

The story starts in Chicago, 1895, when Lovecraft’s father “got crazy” by supernatural reasons. After that, the young Lovecraft becomes the reluctant guardian of the Necronomicon, an accursed book that is the doorway to the beyond, his life veers into strange territory. The books shows the influence of his grandfather in his education, encouraging him to reading and presenting the classics, specially the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The story goes to the years of his professional works to the magazine Weird Tales and his married. It finish with Lovecraft going back to Providence.
The city of Arkham, the Cthulhu and other monsters appear through the story, as components of Lovecraft’s nightmares, stories and parallel reality. The book presents his life as a horror story, the kind of he would like, as John Carpenter says in the introduction of the book.
I didn’t read many Lovecraft’s short-stories, but after having read this book I really want to read much more. That’s why I’m suggesting it to fans of horror, of comics and specially fans of H.P. Lovecraft. The American edition is available in paperback and hardcover edition. The Brazilian version, which one I read, was published by Devir as paperback, in a very good quality and coloured, as the original. Below, a sample of the Brazilian edition:
Lovecraft - graphic novel
If you’ve never heard about Howard Phillips Lovecraft, that Wikipedia article gives you a panorama of his huge importance to the modern horror fiction and the films of his gender. Follow the links for more information about him, or try one of those:
Project Gutenberg of Australia: the site has two collections with his works: Collected Stories and Supernatural Horror in Literature;
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive: the place where you should start. It has a complete list of his work, the description of them, covers, his creation, study and, my favourite, Lovecraft in the popular culture. Unfortunately there are some links to external pages broken.
The Temple of Dagon: H.P. Lovecraft and The Cthulhu Mythos. Many links, news, interviews, studies and art. BTW, don’t miss the Featured Artists page, with great works, like this one, by Jeff Remmer:
Great Race
The Works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft For Palm OS devices like the Palm. It has an impressive list of his works, what made me want a better palm.
Weird Tales: post about a collection of covers of this magazine.

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  1. Blue Tyson says:

    Hi Bibi,
    ‘Supernatural horror in literature’ is basically an essay by Lovecraft about writing horror.
    You can have a look at wikisource for Lovecraft stuff too.
    Blue Tyson

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