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An Inconvenient Truth
One of the good films that I saw in the last few weeks was the documentary about global warming An Inconvenient Truth presented by Al Gore. As a film, it has nothing special, but as a documentary, it is a must see. It’s a message for those who didn’t understand yet the giant catastrophes that awaits us if we don’t do anything to stop destroying nature.
I’m been hearing about global warming since 1992, when I was in junior high, and the conference known in Brasil as Eco ’92, and elsewhere as the Earth Summit, was held in Rio de Janeiro. Ten years after that, there was a second conference: Earth Summit 2002, also known as World Summit on Sustainable Development, and nicknamed Rio+10. In ten days of that conference, governments made just a few of the necessary changes that were required and most of the problems discussed in the first forum kept on growing. However it could’ve been worse.
So, most of what Al Gore says in An Inconvenient Truth isn’t news for me, I already knew about this sad panorama and the dark future if nothing is done. But that’s me. I bet most people just don’t have any idea of what can really happen to the world, or, in the worst case, they thing that’s just a bunch of lies to stop progress. It’s terribly sad that some people would still think that.
I know the film is basically Al Gore’s campaign to inform communities about global warming, but this is something that everybody should know. By ourselves, we cannot change the world. However, if each one of us start doing our part we will change it. I still believe this and that’s why I think people must watch this film.
I wasn’t planning on making a post about it this time, but when I saw the post on Llámame Lola of WWF‘s video of a campaign talking about the same problems, I realised that I should do this. The video is a Canadian commercial made by the agency FCB Toronto. It’s short and very well done, with a sarcastic tone created by the song Won’t You Be My Neighbor by Fred M. Rogers as a background. Watch it on Vimeo or Dailymotion.
More information about this campaign is available at the WWF site Climate Change, including a Climate Blog. And remember to spread the word!

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