I’m fine, ok?

Answering some e-mails and comments: I’m fine. I’m really fine. I’m just busy with other stuff, like reading, scratching the cats, reading books and comics, studying French, adding books to virtual library on my page LibraryThing and aNobii, listening a lot of music and cooking. Maybe I will back later this week, probably on Friday, after the French test.
I’m also very busy with orkut, because I have 10 communities and some are them are very big, I mean really big, one of those with more than 300.000 users. Nowadays orkut became a very attractive place for spammers. I want to kill the damn spammers, however I just can delete the messages, report them as bogus and wait for the new spams – that they post all the time. This is consuming my time and I’m not having fun, not at all. But there is hope in the end of the tunnel with some new features there.
So don’t worry, I’m fine, and I didn’t give up from blogging. I’m just giving a break – a not planned one – of all this stuff, ok? You don’t need to worry anymore, ok? See you!

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18 Responses to I’m fine, ok?

  1. pezhammer says:

    Take care & enjoy, my friend. Greetings from Madrid.

  2. Joe Fanichi says:

    Thank God that you’re OK.
    Leave an “On Vacation” note
    next time.

  3. mernitman says:

    Thanks I feel better now.
    xx B.

  4. peacay says:

    Welllllll..we care!
    The spamzapping Queen! (There must be a movie in there somewhere)

  5. Marnie says:

    We miss you 🙂 Take care!

  6. Sebastian says:

    Ok is good. Ok is nice. Ok is ok.

  7. Megg says:

    I was worried because your blog is one of my favorites. Glad to know you’re ok. Update whenever you can!

  8. Razorbuzz says:

    Regards from Barcelona and take care! 😉

  9. Tom says:

    Thanks for posting this been really worried about you.
    Take great care of yourself.
    Best wishes,

  10. Massilianana says:

    Salut Bibi !
    Enjoy your break et la prochaine fois , comme le suggère Joe Fanichi , mets un petit panneau : “Occupée”, “En promenade avec les chats”, ” Busy bee ” , …just to let us know !
    A la prochaine !

  11. Cerebulon says:

    Oh good. I was worried something had happened. Okay then, take care. Don’t let the spammers get you down.

  12. Bleak Mouse says:

    Everyone was gravely concerned, wondering if you’d been kidnapped (by terrestrials or otherwise), been in a horrid accident, had an attack of amnesia, or entered a witness relocation program. Fortunately, none of these has happened — or if they have, you’ve (been) recovered.
    I started setting up a LibraryThing shelf just now, and this is an incredibly fascinating waste of time (unlike work, which lacks the “incredibly fascinating” aspect.) It should take me no more than a year or two to catalogue my books if I work double shifts on it.

  13. Eduardo Okuda says:

    Parafraseando “o bom filho à casa torna”, Boa (no melhor sentido) Bibi ao blog torna. Fiquei muito feliz por ter vencido as barreiras. Abraços.

  14. Arbee says:

    One is ashamed it has taken a week to discover Bibi is BACK. Now I’ve stopped the cartwheels and somersaults of joy … pleased to know Bibi is well … enjoy the time out, Bibi … giving so much to your fans (and this one appreciates all your postings of the past) you’ve earned the break (you are forgiven for the silence 🙂 🙂 ).

  15. Greetings from citizen we love your blog. Keep it up!

  16. Helder says:

    Good to know that! Be back soon 🙂

  17. Thais Aux says:

    Oi, gostaria de saber se foi vc quem fez os botões do technorati, gmail, last fm.. porque eu não acho no site deles!
    Obrigada desde já ^^

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