The Cute Project

Pokemon and Hitchcock
Are you tired of sites and blogs with photos of tiny/cute/adorable animals? Not yet? Wait, there is a new one: The Cute ProjectCollecting the World’s Cuteness! On the contrary of the other cute sites, this one is a social software. That means that its content is created by the admins and the users. Updated daily, the goal is not only to develop an ever growing collection of overwhelmingly cute art, but to build a community of people (Cutizens!) who appreciate and love to share their captured cuteness.
Anyone can registry there and contribute submitting your own cute stuff: photos, games, videos, art or sites that you know. My favourite is part is that everything submitted there receives the credit, including the link to the original image or video. I already made three contributions to the site, so why don’t to you that too?

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One Response to The Cute Project

  1. FRedda says:

    Thanks foR the heads up on this site. as one of the daily addicts to “www.cute” this is a welc0me and refreshiNg treat~
    and i saw your video, wow, such a lovable bunch, how lucKy can u get? your cats look so healthy and ad0rable. when i saw them snuGGling and licking eacH other, i realize that’s the epit0me of happiness- conteNtment and comfort as one gets ready to sleep. ^^ (sorry for anthr0pomorphiziNg animaLs, can’t think of better w0rds to put iT)

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