Kim Joon

The Korean artist Kim Joon has superb work of body paint, and body paint in couples in his most recent works. Dragons, snakes, dogs, clouds, bubbles, flowers, commercial logos and Superman are part of the patterns used in his works. He uses the human body as a canvas for a brilliant 3D effect. Probably some of the images are NSFW. (via Blue Tea)

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4 Responses to Kim Joon

  1. Barney Dillweed says:

    Looks like POSER 3D models

  2. Bibi says:

    Hum… well, according to Blue Tea Couples are posed together and painted with a rich sheet of color. It’s very pretty anyway.

  3. Alex Wilson says:

    I agree, very pretty. Thanks!

  4. This is way sweet. I dig itttt!
    Thanks for a lead to an artist i could interview.

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