Digital Funnies

Detail of Baseball Print

Digital Funnies: Comics Preservation by Jonathan Barli.

Digital Funnies, dedicated to preserving the history of this most neglected of art forms and reintroducing it to scholars and new readers alike. While several well-known titles such as Krazy Kat, Gasoline Alley, and Peanuts are being given their proper due in published form, there is still much of the rich history of comics and cartooning that will more than likely never see print again and worse, fade away with time.

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2 Responses to Digital Funnies

  1. Bertrand says:

    That picture is like a modern version of Brueghel’s “Jeux d’enfants” 🙂 I love this painting.

  2. Bibi says:

    Hum… when I saw I remember of Bosch. And yes, Brueghel too, but I didn’t remember of that painting.

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