Candy you ate as a kid

Gum Drops
Candy you ate as a kid is the new project of coverpop, this time dedicated to the candies. All the candies are from Old Fashioned Candy, a on-line that still selling candies that you eat in the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s. I’m not familiar with most of them, but the one that I select is my favourite: gum drops, known as gominha here.
Get more candies in Chocolate for Girls, Photos of cute candies, Marshmallows recipe and The Candy Wrapper Museum.

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4 Responses to Candy you ate as a kid

  1. Massilianana says:

    Oh la la !!! Les bonbecs que je mangeais (et continue de manger ! Je demande même à ma famille en France de m’en envoyer ici)sont les fraises Tagada (Haribo.On peut même les faire fondre pour faire des desserts élaborés et délicieusement régressifs!), les Car-en-sac (muticolored liquorice mini drops)et les carambars (long sticky bars of caramel.If you put one in your mouth , you are forced to remain silent for a half-hour!At least).That’s my top three !
    Sahll I say it again ? So nice to have you back !!!
    Take care , I hope SP is under the sun , here in Santa Catarina it is rainy (but it felt like sumer time all these past weeks !)

  2. Eduardo Okuda says:

    Alvíssaras, Bibi, feliz rentrée. Bjs.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey, that’s by Jim Bumgardner who does some neat stuff for Flickr!

  4. Bibi says:

    Haribo…. so good… I’m search for some of those “gominhas” here.
    So nice to have you back !!! Thanks!
    It was a hell here those past days. Too hot to me, I didn’t like. Now it’s like a normal winter here. Much better. Have a great weekend Massilianana!
    Oi Edu, pois é, reclamou tanto que eu voltei. 😉 Beijinhos.
    Jim Bumgardner who does some neat stuff for Flick Ah yes? Well, they galleries like that one are very cool, when they work to me.

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