50 Coolest Websites 2006

50 Coolest Websites
Time presents its 2006 selection of the 50 Coolest Websites. The sites were divided in 7 areas, however my interest went only to Entertainment, Arts and Media session. As usually I don’t agree with most of their choices, except Drawn, their best choice in my humble opinion. Other good choice was Pandora, which one my boyfriend loves. I prefer Last.fm just because I don’t like to open one more tab and it’s easier use the Last.fm software.
I must say one more thing about the sites listed there: YouTube. If you just go watch funny videos there it’s great, if you have an account and just upload you home-made videos, it rocks, but if you are a hard user, if you upload videos in public domain it sucks.
Well, I could give more examples of angry users that had problems with You Tube and no answers. First example: me. They deleted my first account, ok I survive. But now I stopped to upload videos in the new account, because they made 2 mistakes and didn’t corrected them. The first one was say that two videos that were in public domain weren’t. They said sorry and that they weren’t put the videos back. They didn’t do. Second: more two videos wrongly accuse that aren’t be in public domain, that someone flagged. Curiously in all the other places that I search, including databases of films in public domain, they were in public domain, so I sent one more email. No answers. More two emails: no answers.
So, after those emails, no answers and with the threat of have my account suspended in case that I upload more “copyrighted material”, what I didn’t do in both cases, I stopped to add any material there. And I’m not the only one which had a problem with them and I won’t be the last one. Am I look furious? It’s because I’m.
There were other cases, like the posts of Cartoon Brew, The Shelf and Llámame Lola. Here is my advice: do you just want to watch cool stuff? Fine, use YouTube, or any other site of video storage. Do you want to upload a video? Use Google Video, Dailymotion, Veoh or any other, but don’t use YouTube. That’s all I have to say, sorry for the relief.
Back to the TIME site, read also 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without, a cool article with good tips of sites, specially if you are American.

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