The Starry Night

Starry Night

From the APOD: The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh painted 1889. This painting is wonderful and now I have a good excuse to post it.

The painting Starry Night is one of the most famous icons of the night sky ever created. The scene was painted by Vincent van Gogh in southern France in 1889. The swirling style of Starry Night appears, to many, to make the night sky come alive. Although van Gogh frequently portrayed real settings in his paintings, art historians do not agree on precisely what stars and planets are being depicted in Starry Night.

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6 Responses to The Starry Night

  1. peacay says:

    Thanks Bibi. I only ‘discovered’ Vincent a couple of years ago. I saw a great British tv documentary series on him a few weeks ago. Tragic. And beautiful.

  2. angelina says:

    You almost feel like this sky is talking to you, don’t you? There’re words stepping out of it, which don’t fall down, but kind of hang out there representing themselves.

  3. a most womnderful painting and my favorite of all his works!!! I saw a doco here in Australia ( three part series) recently and it was fantastic to learn all about his life, inspirations and where he lived!!!

  4. His great art was to perform to translate the powerfull feelling he had from the landscape and the vibrating of the light in south France. He was very prolific and painted in a kind of transe but was deeply desapointed by the life , the misery and uncomprehensive relationships.

  5. Bibi says:

    Just few years ago Paul? How could you??? 😀 I grew up watching his paintings on books, he was amazing as a painter.
    You are right Angelina. I love the way the stars almost “pop up” from the painting. It’s stunning.
    Great thebutterflycollector. Someday I will see some of his painting in a museum… well< I hope so!

  6. Bibi says:

    “was deeply disappointed by the life , the misery and incomprehensible relationships.” yep… I read about it in some places, even in films about him. That’s sad, his paintings, even the sad ones, are so beautiful and powerful. I love the not natural use of colours in his paintings and the catchy colours.

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