Shrew pictures

Cute shrew
How can someone resist to that super-cute-furry-tiny-adorable-little-creature? Awww… so cute! That is just one of the several picture that Jamie McCarthy took from the northern short-tailed shrews that appear on his back yard. (Thanks André!)

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10 Responses to Shrew pictures

  1. MrBaliHai says:

    Shrews are evil! They invaded my basement 2 years ago by chewing a hole in the door, then they ate all of our cat’s food, and shit everywhere! It smelled terrible.
    They also have pointy pointy teeth.

  2. cliff says:

    hi bibi,
    just discovered blogs recently,and i really like yours(i’ve been shuffeling through the archives)there’s
    something soo positve and fresh about what you include
    in your garden.i think you
    are MOST curious.maybe you could talk about you alittle more.for me it feels a bit like house sitting for someone you’ve not met,where you look through
    their books ,cd’s and photo albums to try and get a sense of them.anyway my sense is that you are nice,you laugh kinda loud and are very generous.thanks for this great garden!

  3. Bibi says:

    NO! They are cute! 😛
    And there is a lot of cat food here MrBaliHai. 🙂

  4. MrBaliHai says:

    Cute, AND evil!

  5. Elayne Riggs says:

    Well done, Bibi! You should forward it to Meg Frost to put on Cute Overload. You could just eat up that pink nose!

  6. Angelina says:

    hi! here’s another animation thing about shrews, though a bit tragic
    i am sury, maybe you’ve alreay seen it!
    cheers, a great blog!

  7. Bibi says:

    No, not evil! 😛
    Thanks Elaine, but I’m not sure about suggest the image to Cute Overloaded. I did three times before and nothing. I also don’t like what happened there: tons of images without the reference.
    Hi Angelina, what a sad animation! Poor shrews 🙁 But thanks for the link. 😉

  8. L says:

    I had no idea a shrew could be that cute

  9. Storm says:

    There is strong evidence to suggest that Shrews are indeed evil. Just take a look at this movie classic: The Killer Shrews

  10. unknown says:

    we had a shrew in our house 1 time auh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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